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Doctor Supported and Guided Weight Loss Program


A weight loss journey can be challenging and having the right program and support, can make the difference as to whether you reach your goals or not.


Top Health Doctors provide an extensive Doctor assisted program. It covers all the areas of your lifestyle that need to be considered for an effective program to succeed.


We would love to help you on your weight loss journey.

Please see the video on the Introduction to our Weight Loss Program below

Your Body and Weight Gain


Our body weight is determined partly by our genetics but also largely by the amount of energy that we take in as food and the amount of energy we expend in the activities of our day. Energy is often measured in Calories.


If your weight remains constant, you are probably taking in the same number of calories that you burn each day. If you’re slowly gaining weight over time, it is likely that your caloric intake is greater than the number of calories you burn through your daily activities.

Our Tailored Weight Loss Program | A Complete Approach


The GPs at Top Health Doctors are not only experienced in helping our patients through a successful weight loss journey, they are also caring and dedicated. They listen to your struggles and successes and become part of your journey. Let us help you to a healthier weight and a happier you.


Our unique 12-week Weight Loss Program has been designed to be tailored to individual patients needs, as we are all different and therefore need different things to achieve our desired weight.


We can assist you in every part of the weight loss journey.


Rather than just using tape measures and ordinary scales, we use one of the latest body composition technology to Calorie and portion control our weight loss meals you.


At your consultation, you’ll receive a detailed health report of your body composition (including body & visceral fat, muscle mass, metabolic age, and Basal Metabolic Rate – BMR (the number of calories your body burns at rest) which guides us to recommend a meal plan that is calorie controlled based on your composition to accelerate your weight loss success and improve your overall health.

Our 12 week Weight Loss Program | The Details


  1. A detailed history and examination by our doctors. Your personal circumstances will be taken into account, so we can devise the best weight loss program, especially tailored for your needs.
  2. A set of detailed objective biometric measurements including the use of an advanced body composition scale previously mentioned, to track your weight loss progress on a regular basis.
  3. An App is used to track your daily calories and exercise.
  4. We recommend the use of Calorie-labelled meals that will help in regulating your energy intake.
  5. The use of medication may be recommended to help regulate your appetite.
  6. A team of doctors and allied health that may include a dietitian, exercise physiologist, and a psychologist, who are happy to help support your weight loss journey. At times, we may refer you to weight loss specialists for further help.  Your medical conditions may qualify for our GP Chronic Disease Management Plan or Mental Health care Plan that attract Medicare funding
  7. Funding by some private health funds if you advised them your weight loss program is part of a “Doctor prescribed weight loss program”.

Losing weight is not easy, as there are complex genetic, hormonal,

social and personal eating habits at play.

However, we believe by working closely with you,

we can find a weight loss solution together.

Would you liked to know more about our Weight Loss Clinic?

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If you have make the positive choice to join the Weight Loss program and booked an appointment,

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Doctor Assisted Weight Loss Program Questionnaire


We look forward to helping you very soon

Note: Only Top Health Doctors Underwood and West End are providing the 12 week weight loss program currently.

Please call our clinics for further information and bookings. NO online bookings are available for this service

Weight Loss Resources


Calorie and Exercise App

After you have seen our doctors and nurses, please see our next video below to find out how you can set up an App to track your daily calories and exercise.


We recommend 60 minutes of moderate – intensity physical activity at least 5 days a week, and muscle strengthening activities at least twice per week; avoiding prolonged periods of sitting and consider a pedometer step target.

Resistance / Strength training


To sustain your weight loss, it is important to optimise your Resistance / Strength training as it helps to maintain your metabolic rate.


Below are some Resistance / Strength Training videos that we hope that you find useful.


Resistance / Strength Training for Beginner

Resistance / Strength Training for Beginner to Advanced Level

Resistance / Strength Training with No Dumbbells and No Jumping

Resistance / Strength Training for Seniors

Please find below 3 handouts that you can download for Resistance / Strength training (Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced levels). Courtesy of The Doctor’s Kitchen.


Resistance / Strength training – Basic

Resistance / Strength training – Intermediate

Resistance / Strength training – Advanced


We look forward to hearing from you and starting your weight loss journey.


Please call us to find out how we can help you reach your goals with your personalised weight loss journey.

Only Top Health Doctors Underwood and West End are providing the 12 week weight loss program currently.

Please call our clinics for further information and bookings. NO online bookings are available for this service

Order Calorie Controlled Meals


One of places based in Brisbane that supplies appropriate portion-controlled and nutritionally-complete quality meals is The Doctor’s Kitchen. Please click the link below to find out more.




Fitness First Guest Pass

Patients who sign up for our weight loss program receive complimentary gym passes from Fitness First, including a 5 day Guest Pass (worth $135).


Proudly sponsored by Fitness First

Let’s do this together!