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Holter Monitor Service

holter monitor on lady

Brisbane Holter Monitor Service conveniently offered at your local GP Clinic

Top Health Doctors Group has partnered with Australian Clinical Labs (ACL) to provide an In-House Holter Monitor Service at our West End and Underwood clinics

A Holter monitor is a non-invasive and effective device that allows healthcare professionals to gather important information about a patient’s heart rhythm, helping in the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing management of various cardiac conditions.

holter monitor on lady

What is a Holter Monitor?

A Holter monitor is a small, wearable device that records the heart’s rhythm. It’s used to detect or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias). A Holter monitor test may be done if a traditional electrocardiogram (ECG) doesn’t provide enough details about the heart’s condition.


Why use a Holter Monitor?

You may be recommended to wear a Holter monitor if you have:

  • Signs and symptoms of an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia)
  • Unexplained fainting
  • A heart condition that increases the risk of arrhythmias


If you have infrequent arrhythmias, an ECG may not detect them. 
A Holter monitor may be able to spot these irregular heart rhythms


How you prepare for your Holter Monitor Testing

A Holter monitor will be available at our Underwood and West End clinics for your scheduled appointment.

We recommend that you bathe/shower before this appointment. Most monitors can’t be removed and must be kept dry once monitoring begins. We will place sensors (electrodes) on your chest. These electrodes detect the heartbeat, and they are about the size of a 5-cent piece. If you have hair on your chest, some of it may be shaved to make sure the electrodes stick. Wires attached to the electrodes connect to the Holter monitor recording device. The device is not cumbersome and only about the size of a deck of playing cards.

Once your Holter monitor is fitted and you’ve received instructions on how to wear it, you can leave our surgery and return to everyday activities.


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What you can expect during your Holter Monitor check


During the testing

A Holter monitor is typically worn for 1 to 2 days. During that time, the device records all of your heartbeats.

Holter monitoring is painless, non-invasive and the device is discreet. The sensors (electrodes) and wires can be hidden under clothing. The device itself is worn on a belt or attached to a strap.

Note – it’s very important to not take the Holter monitor off — it must be worn during the entire recording period, even while sleeping.

Water can damage a Holter monitor. Don’t swim, shower or bathe for the entire time you’re wearing a Holter monitor. If you have a wireless Holter monitor, you’ll be shown how to disconnect and reconnect the sensors and the monitor so that you can shower or bathe.

While you wear a Holter monitor, you can do most other daily activities unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

You may be given a form to record your activities and any symptoms. It’s particularly important to note if and when you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Pounding, fluttering or skipped heartbeats
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Light headedness


Write down what activities you do and exactly what time you do them as this will assist us with the analysis


After the testing

Once your monitoring period is over, you’ll return the device to us. If you were asked to keep a record of symptoms that you had while wearing the device, we will compare the Holter monitor’s data with your notes. This can help us make an accurate diagnosis.

Holter Monitor Test Results – assessed by a Cardiology team

Your Holter monitor test results will be uploaded online through a secure network and be reviewed by a nominated cardiology team. A detailed report will be available and your doctor will discuss the results with you along with the most optimum management of your condition.

Information from Holter monitor testing can often tell us if you have a heart condition and if any heart medicines you currently take are or aren’t working.

Patient Info

Holter Monitor Service Brisbane Bookings are available at Underwood and West End Clinics

Please see our Disclaimer in the FAQ page

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