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Mineral Mines and Quarries Respiratory Health Surveillance


At Top Health Doctors, we have doctors with specialised interest, in Mineral Mines and Quarries Respiratory Health Surveillance.

They have undertaken Postgraduate Training in courses with a Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme Training Curriculum, conducted by the Resources Safety and Health Queensland, in conjunction with The University of Illinois in Chicago, in the United States of America. This training provides them with a good understanding for the respiratory health surveillance of miners that work in mineral mines and quarries.

Kindly note: If you are a Coal Mine Worker, you are under the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme

Approved Providers

Our doctors are on Resources Safety & Health Queensland’s register of approved providers as examining or supervising doctors to conduct mining medicals assessments.

We have medical personnel who has taken additional training to perform lung function testing, using a spirometry (lung function testing) machine. Our spirometry service is approved by the government and registered under the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme. Queensland Government – Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) – Spirometry Registration Number is P0005852.

We also have a dedicated Audiometry booth with the right testing equipment to conduct high quality hearing test. The hearing testing environment conforms to the strict Australian statutory requirement of AS / NZS 1269.4: 2005.

Preparation for your appointment

Please complete the following 3 steps before your appointment to see us:
  1. Please complete Section 1 (Site Senior Executive) and Section 2 (Mineral Mine or Quarry worker) of the Respiratory Health Surveillance medical examination Form for Mineral Mine & Quarry Workers: Health assessment for Mineral mine quarry worker examination form
  2. Please register with Lung Screen (if you have previously registered with Lung Screen, please kindly provide us with Lung Screen number).
  3. If you are also having your respiratory assessment with us through our spirometry (breathing test) facility (Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) – Spirometry Registration Number P0005852), please download the consent form:   Preparation and consent for spirometry test (Combined form), follow the instructions and complete the form prior to your mining medical and spirometry assessment. Our health personnel will go through the form with you on the day and address any concerns. We shall get you to sign the form on the day itself when you are comfortable to proceed with the Spirometry (breathing) testing.


(Please ignore this third section if you are having your spirometry done elsewhere.}


Mineral mine and quarry workers may be exposed to a broad spectrum of respiratory hazards such as dusts (e.g., silica), welding fumes and diesel particulates.

Occupational exposure to respiratory hazards can lead to a range of lung diseases. These include forms of pneumoconioses (e.g., silicosis and siderosis), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (e.g. chronic bronchitis and emphysema) and lung cancer.

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Requirement for medicals

Amendments to the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation 2017 that commenced on 1 September 2020 ensure that Queensland mineral mine and quarry workers undertake periodic medicals to identify any changes in lung function or the early signs of lung disease.

Under the changes, site senior executives (SSEs) must arrange respiratory health surveillance for workers prior to commencing work in the mineral mine and quarry industry and then at least once every 5 years.

The medical examinations for respiratory health surveillance must include:

  • A chest examination that includes listening to the lungs
  • A chest X-ray dual read by qualified radiologists to the international standard
  • Spirometry tests and comparisons with previous spirometry tests where available
  • Any examination deemed necessary by an appropriate doctor to support the early detection of injury or illness to the person’s respiratory system (e.g., high resolution computed tomography scan).

Patient Info

Mineral Mines and Quarries Respiratory Health Surveillance service is available at Top Health Doctors Underwood only

Useful Resources
To find out more about Mineral Mines and Quarries:

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