Our Staff

Kay Clifton

Operation manager of Top Health Doctors Group

Jen Dick

Senior administrative team leader of Top Health Doctors Clinics (Underwood)

Laurelee Zimmermann

Head nurse of Top Health Doctors Clinics (Underwood)

Ci Ci Chen

Practice Nurse (Head Nurse, Cannon Hill)

Sherine Gauder

Receptionist (Underwood)

Barbara Cameron

Receptionist (Cannon Hill)

Cheryl Holland


Elly Michel

Practice Nurse

Judith Salmi

Receptionist (Capalaba)

Kim Spence

Receptionist (Underwood)

Meg Charles

Senior Receptionist (Cannon Hill)

Sarah Mitchell

Receptionist (Underwood)

Tiffany Charteris

Practice Nurse (Capalaba)

Michelle Petersen

Receptionist (Cannon Hill)

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