Coorparoo Medical Branch

Top Health Doctors Coorparoo is a medical branch within ‘The Village Coorparoo’ retirement community to care for the village residents and patients in the surrounding areas.


Set in the luxurious retirement village, our General Practitioner, Dr Richardy Hostiadi, will provide care in all areas of General Practice.



The medical suites

The rooms will be open for appointments two days a week: Mondays & Thursdays, 8 am to 12 pm


The Village Coorparoo
398 Cavendish Rd,
Coorparoo, QLD, 4151



Bookings can be made by phone call only

Your Doctor


Dr Richardy Hostiadi is the Director of Top Health Doctors West End. He has a wealth of experience in general practice medicine and is passionate about assisting his patients in optimising their health, not only by using medicine but mainly by optimising patients’ lifestyle, through the right diet, exercise and managing mental health.


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