Test Results

Following up on the results of a test or procedure:

Your doctor will advise you when to expect the test results to be back. In general, we encourage you to book an appointment to see your doctor to follow up your results 1-2 days after you have had your blood tests, X- rays or other investigations.


Our practice encourages you to take personal responsibility for your health, thus it is your responsibility to obtain your results. You must come back or ensure by some other means that you have obtained your results.


As you are aware, phone interruptions during the course of a consultation can be very distracting for both doctor and the patient. Most queries are best dealt with by a follow-up consultation.


Our reception staff and our nursing staff will not discuss your results over the phone. The details of your results remain confidential between yourself and your doctor.


Any URGENT results will be notified by your doctor or a staff member under the supervision of your doctor.



We have an in-house pathology service provided for your convenience in partnership with QML Pathology (Underwood branch) and MedLab Pathology (Cannon Hill branch)


For your pathology or testing enquiries with QML Pathology, please click here.


For your pathology or testing enquiries with Med Lab Pathology, please click here.


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