Practice Information

General Practitioner Appointments


A standard consultation is 10-15 minutes depending on the Doctor’s appointment schedule.   If more than one family member needs to be seen, please schedule an appointment for each patient.  If you have 3 or more different issues or a more complex concern that you need to discuss with your doctor, please book a long appointment. Please discuss with our receptionist to request a longer appointment. Long appointments are available via our online booking platforms.


Specialised Services include:

  • Full skin check
  • Ear Clinic (ear wax suction with an ENT microscope)
  • Allergy Assessment & Treatment
  • Travel Clinic (travel advice and vaccinations)
  • Hepatitis C Clinic
  • Acupuncture
  • Diving medicals
  • Aviation medical


Note:  not all specialised services are available at every clinic so please contact our friendly staff regarding availability. Some clinics offer these types of appointments via our online appointment booking system and some require you to call and arrange an appointment. If the appointment type of not offered in the online booking system, please call the relative clinic to book.


We ask for photo ID for all new patients.


Reception staff will attempt to contact you if there is any significant unforeseen delay or if the doctor has been called away. Hence, please always keep your contact details up to date.


If there are no vacancies with your usual GP, you will be provided with the option of seeing another doctor.


Comprehensive full body skin checks will require a longer appointment (please discuss with receptionist).


Please kindly inform our receptionist to cancel your appointment at least 2 hours beforehand if it is no longer needed so that your appointment slot can be reallocated.  Failure to attend a scheduled appointment without the courtesy of informing us beforehand, will result in a penalty fee of $50. This is strictly enforced at all Top Health Doctors Clinics.


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Some of our Top Health Doctors Clinics offer Bulk Billing whilst others are Mixed Billing practices.  In order for you to understand the costs associated with your appointment, we welcome you to contact the relevant clinic and our staff would be pleased to provide full details.


Private fees are charged for patients who DO NOT hold a current Medicare Card.


Allianz and Bupa Overseas Health Cover patients: These appointments are charged at private rates (no bulk billing available). Top Health Doctors requires payment on the day of the appointment. We will provide you with an invoice/receipt for you to provide to your fund for claiming back your medical expenses where applicable.


Specialist services and allied health services have a different billing schedule.


Non-Attendance FEE (DNA)

PLease kindly contact our practice should you not be able to attend your appointment. Patients who do not attend their appointments without notice more than 2 times, will be charged a $50.00 DNA fee.



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Medical emergencies will always be given priority. Our reception staff will update you on the progress of your scheduled appointment. Please inform us if you think you have an emergency (e.g. sudden onset of chest pain or sudden onset of shortness of breath).


Chronic Disease Management


There are government Medicare funded chronic health management plans available for our regular patients to assist you with a chronic health or a serious medical condition. These include Diabetes, Asthma, Heart attacks / failure, Chronic Musculoskeletal conditions and many others.


Please make an appointment to see if you are eligible to access allied health care funded by Medicare. These include dietician, exercise physiologist, physiotherapist and many others.


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What to do if we are fully booked and you need to be seen?


If you give the receptionist an idea of what the problem is they will try their best to fit you in. Urgent appointments will always be seen if you indicate this when you call to book the appointment. Urgent medical problems will be dealth with promptly by the first available doctor.

Continuity of Care


It is in your best interest to have a regular doctor. It is very important to see and speak to the same doctor to follow through on a problem.


Valuable information may be lost if you change doctors frequently. So wherever possible, speak to/ see the same doctor who ordered your tests and has been following your condition.




Our practice is committed to preventative health care.  If you do not wish to receive reminders, please advise your doctor or inform the reception staff.


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Medical Certificates, Prescriptions and Referrals


These will not be given without a consultation. Please discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns.


Medical Certificates will not be issued for non-medical reasons apart from bereavement or family support. The patient must be seen at the time of illness to write a certificate. They cannot be back – dated as this is illegal.


Modern medications are potent and can lead to harmful side effects if taken inappropriately. It is important that you be regularly reviewed while on medication to check for any possible side effects, and to receive updates on whether it is still the best one for your condition.


This practice does not prescribe narcotics or drugs of addiction, for new first-time patients.


no drugsno narcotics or drugs of addiction

Transfer of Records


We are happy to transfer care over to your new nominated doctor. There will be a fee to prepare a summary.


The cost of a copy of full records is higher due to the time involved in the preparation and review that is required. A quote will be given on request. We will post it or fax it to your new doctor upon receipt of payment. A signed release form should accompany any request for transfer from the patient to their continuing care doctor.


Infectious Disease


If you feel your illness could be infectious to others e.g. Chicken Pox, please tell the receptionists or the nurse on duty so a private waiting area may be provided.




Culturally appropriate care / Multiculturalism


Australia is a country of diverse culture, religion, ethnicity and customs. At Top Health Doctors, we embrace multiculturalism and we are cognisant of the needs of different cultural, religious and ethnic groups. We are committed to provide culturally appropriate care.


To help us deliver the most appropriate culturally sensitive care, please advise your doctor of your cultural background and specific needs.

Foreign Languages


Interpreter services are available on request. It is essential that those patients with limited English skills have an interpreter present and book a longer appointment. Another friend or family member may act as the interpreter if their English language skills are good.



Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islanders

We respect Australian first inhabitants and we are aware of the different health needs of Aboringinal and Torres Strait Islander people. We pursue Close The Gap government initiatives to enhance your health care needs.  Our practice is registered for the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) Indigenous Health Incentive. We can provide patients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background Closing The Gap (CTG) annotated scripts.


In addition, we offer patients of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background, government funded comprehensive health care assessments to optimise your health care needs. For more information regarding improving indigenous health, please click here.


NAIDOC; Top Health Doctors serves Torres Strait IslandersTop Health Doctors cares for Aboriginal


Employment opportunities


We are always on the look out for appropriately qualified staff, doctors and allied health.  If you think you are suitably qualified and want to join an exciting and progressive organisation, please contact our management team for an interview.



Complaints and Suggestions


We constantly strive to give you the best possible care and attention. We value your feedback and have left forms in the waiting room to complete with any complaints or suggestions you may have. Alternatively, ask to see the designated team leader of receptionist / nurses regarding your concern, which will be fully investigated and appropriate action taken.  All communications are completely confidential.


Alternatively you can raise any concerns with the Office of the Health Ombudsman
GPO Box 13281 George Street
Brisbane Qld 4003

or Phone: 133 OHO (133 646)



Mobile Phones

Please turn all mobile phones off or switch to silent while in the practice. Please be aware that talking on the phone is disruptive to other patients. We ask that you take the call outside the clinic. Calls should not be answered during consultation.

No Work Place Abuse Tolerated


As employers we are obligated to provide a safe workplace for our staff. Patients who verbally abuse or threaten our staff will be asked to leave the practice and seek their care elsewhere.


Stop, no abuse tolerated




Top Health Doctors and its employees are committed to your privacy and safeguarding the confidentiality of your medical information, in accordance with:

The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988, the long – standing legal and ethical confidentiality obligations and other relevant state or territory laws. 

In compliance with the Privacy Act, Policies and Procedure of Top Health Doctors are constantly updated, to ensure your records are secure.

If you require further information about your privacy, please contact the practice on (07) 3133 0822 or ask the reception desk.

X- Rays   


Please take X – Rays with you into the consultation and then home again. We cannot store them here and they will be disposed of if not collected within 3 months.


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Tips For a Better Health Care Outcomes


Seek a balanced lifestyle and be actively involved in your own health care.


Ask your doctors if you have any questions or concerns.


Learn more about your medical condition or treatments.


Keep an up to date list of all the medications that you are taking.


If you are a new patient with a significant medical history, please provide the names and contact details of your previous health care providers so that we can assist you in retrieving your previous health records.



After Hours Care


Please ring 000 if it is an medical emergency.


Otherwise, please call 13 Sick (137425) for National Home Doctor Service for your after hour health care needs.


After hours doctor


Please see our Disclaimer in the FAQ page.