Exercise Physiologist – Resilience Healthcare

Resilience Healthcare is run by Mr Tim Douge.


Tim is an Accredited Senior Exercise Physiologist specialising in lifestyle modification programs for people with chronic diseases, injuries, medical conditions or disabilities. Using the latest research regarding the benefits and applications of exercise Tim aims to improve the physical functionality and overall well being of an individual or group.


Tim has experience working with aged populations, athletes, people with disabilities and chronic diseases. In working with the general population Tim provides expert support for people wishing to improve their health and fitness as well as implementing health and wellness programs and presentations for corporate groups.


Tim believes that a collaborative approach to health delivers the optimal outcomes for the community which is why he has built the collective of professionals at Resilience Healthcare. All the clients appreciate the attentive, efficient and effective treatment provided the team of clinicians at Resilience Healthcare.


Please ring our Top Health Doctors clinics to make an appointment with exercise physiologist of Resilience Healthcare


Phone: (07) 3899 1510 (Cannon Hill)

Phone: (07) 3390 1813 (Capalaba)

Phone: (07) 3847 3108 (Greenslopes)

Phone: (07) 3133 0822 (Underwood)


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