Covid Pill

Covid -19 anti-viral Pill available in Brisbane at Top Health Doctors Clinics


Top Health Doctors clinics offer our communities the full range of government sponsored COVID vaccinations.

We also offer oral anti-viral medication that you can take at home to help fight a COVID-19 infection.




From 1st March 2022, Lagevrio (Molnupirravir), an oral anti-viral medicine is listed under Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) with some restrictions (see below), making it affordable.

Paxlovid (Nirmatrelvir in combination with ritanovir), another oral anti-viral medicine is listed under Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) with same restrictions (see below) from 1st May 2022.


Access to the Covid-19 Pill


Adults who have mild to moderate COVID-19 confirmed by a PCR test or RAT test verified by the prescribing doctor and who can start treatment within five days of symptom onset, can access PBS-subsidised Lagevrio if:


  • They are 65 years of age or older, with two other risk factors for severe disease (as increasing age is a risk factor, patients who are 75 years of age of older only need to have one other risk factor); or
  • They identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, and are 50 years of age or older with two other risk factors for severe disease, or
  • They are moderately to severely immunocompromised.




NOTE: If a patient does not fit the above criteria, the treatment can still be offered on a private script so please call our friendly team to discuss and arrange a telehealth appointment,

Please book a Telehealth appointment and either:

      1. send us a photo of your recent RAT test or
      2. a copy of your PCR test (if it is not done in our practice)

We can prescribe you oral anti-viral medication to help you get better from a COVID-19 infection.



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