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Caring for those who have protected our country


For doctors working with veterans, demonstrating an understanding of the military experience can greatly enhance the therapeutic relationship and the delivery of effective health care.  Veterans are more likely to engage with health care practitioners whom they feel understand or seek to understand their health problems within the context of their military service.



For this reason, many doctors at Top Health Doctors have taken further training, including The Royal Australian College General Practitioner Learning Module – “Working with Veterans with Mental Health Problems”, to gain a deep understanding of our Veterans. We also have a team of psychologists and doctors, with special interest in mental health, within Top Health Doctors group.



Since federation, approximately 1.4 million Australian men and women have served with Australian military forces in wars and peacekeeping operations.


We are aware of the impact of the military culture on health care outcome (especially mental health issues) and the rehabilitation journey of our veterans.



We understand that it is not uncommon for our Veterans to suffer from depression, anxiety, substance use problems, trauma and stress- related disorder and somatic problems e.g. psychogenic pain. Part of this may be caused by Veteran’s exposure to trauma during their service and some past adverse community attitudes e.g. Vietnam veterans.


These may lead to relationships issues, employment difficulties and social difficulties. In addition, our veteran’s health may have been affected over long periods of time.




Supporting positive health outcomes for Veterans


At Top health Doctors, we are proactive in building a relationship of mutual respect with our Veterans to achieve a positive health outcome. We often express empathy, promote awareness of the consequences of unhelpful behaviours and we support a belief in the possibility of change, for the better.


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Comprehensive Veteran’s Health Check (100% bulk billed).


There are 2 types of Veteran’s Health Check.


1) Annual Health Check (for first 5 years)*

All Australian military personnel who transition to become veterans from 1st July 2019 onwards, is entitled to an annual health check for the first 5 years post discharge.


2) One – off Veteran Health Check ^

This service is available if you are an Australian veteran for more than 5 years.


Please book ring us to book a 45 minutes appointment with one of our caring nurses and doctors.



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* DVA Gold or White Card

^ Medicare card holder

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