The skin check consultation

A full comprehensive skin check


We offer our patients a full comprehensive skin check. This involves a detailed history and the examination of your skin, from head to toe, using simple magnification, and dermoscopy (click here to find out more).




Peace of Mind


Any spots of interest are recorded and analysed. On some occasions, we take clinical pictures. This forms part of your medical record for future comparison and may help our treatment decisions.


Your skin is examined with underwear being left on. However, a more targeted examination may be performed if a patient so desires e.g. back only, exposed areas only, or even just a single spot about which you may be concerned.


To help us examine your skin thoroughly, we prefer you NOT to wear make up (especially foundation) and nail polish.


Treatment may be carried out at the time of consultation if time permits, e.g. cryotherapy (freezing with liquid Nitrogen) or perhaps a biopsy (taking a small piece of skin lesion, under local anaesthetic, to be looked at under the microscope). Patients who need to undergo surgical excisions will be given a detailed explanation of the procedure and potential risks. Such surgical excisions are usually scheduled at a separate appointment.


We endeavour to bulk bill all targeted skin checks up to 3 broad areas. However, there may be a small gap fee with our full comprehensive skin check and elective surgical excisions.


Your health is our top priority

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