Rail Industry Medicals

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We have experienced Doctors who have completed the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers training program and are appointed as Authorised Health Professional for the purposes of conducting assessments of safety critical workers (Category 1 and 2) and around the track workers (Category 3).



Rail Industry Medical Categories


Thousands of people are employed in order for the trains to run on time. Employment within the Australian railways covers a large range of positions, including working as a train driver, cleaner, signal engineer, mechanical engineer, signal electrician, office administrator, track worker, traction linesperson, inspector, signaller, and many other different positions / apprenticeships and traineeships.


The Rail Industry Medical has different assessment criteria for a range of health conditions, depending on which category the railway worker belongs to, as per the following:


Rail Category 1 Medicals | Safety Critical Work/Workers


Category 1 workers are the highest level of Safety Critical Worker. These are workers who require high levels of attentiveness to their task and for whom sudden incapacity or collapse (e.g. from a heart attack or blackout) may result in a serious incident affecting the public or the rail network. Single-operator train driving on the commercial network is an example of a Category 1 task.


  • On employment commencement
  • 5 yearly to age 50
  • 2 yearly between age 50 to 60
  • Yearly from age 60


Rail Category 2 Medicals | Safety Critical Work/Workers


Category 2 workers are those whose work also requires high levels of attentiveness, but for whom fail-safe mechanisms or the nature of their duties ensure sudden incapacity or collapse does not affect safety of the rail network. For example, in many cases signallers are classified as Category 2 because fail-safe signal control systems protect the safety of the network in case of worker incapacity.


  • As per Rail Category 1 Medicals


Rail Category 3 Medicals | Non-Safety Critical Work/Workers


These are workers whose action or inaction will not lead directly to a serious incident affecting the public or the rail network. These workers require health assessments to ensure their own safety while working in or around the network


  • On employment commencement
  • At age 40
  • 5 yearly from age 40

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