Podiatrist – Matthew Christie (Underwood and Cannon Hill)

A good start to the day can be as simple as getting off on the right foot. Matthew’s passion is the treatment of lower limb pain and pathology, to bring about improved function so you can go about your passion pain free.


​Matthew’s 10 year career saw him graduate with an upper class honors degree in podiatry from the University of Southampton England. Starting in the National Health Service providing lower limb treatment, education and prevention care to those at risk of amputation. He then took the clinical lead role for the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s diabetes outpatient service before overseeing podiatry services for those experiencing drug and alcohol problems and homelessness in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. In addition, Matthew was the lead podiatrist for the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and worked closely alongside Polio Victoria and Reclink Australia, providing sports podiatry services to several charity sponsored teams.


Following a successful campaign in Melbourne, Matthew moved to rural South West QLD and worked alongside the Royal Flying Doctors to set up and run 9 outreach podiatry clinics. Here he provided lower limb health services to local sports teams, children referred by local school health initiatives, local aboriginal communities, and anyone in the community suffering with lower limb pain, mobility and foot related health issues.


Matthew’s key strengths are in the areas of acute and chronic lower limb injury management, lower limb pathology secondary to chronic disease (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, polio and strokes), podiatric dermatology and paediatric podiatry.

Below is a short video introduction of Matthew Christie