Physiotherapy-Everyday Physiotherapy

Established on May 2015, Everyday Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy group that started in Underwood which boasts experienced physiotherapists, techniques based on up-to-date research and recent developments in the field of physiotherapy, and a harmonious environment that’s guaranteed to make your experience one of a kind.


The clinic offers physiotherapy and remedial massage that helps address a patient’s musculoskletal issues and bring back mobility and function. Patients under CTP, WorkCover, Medicare, and DVA are welcome to book their appointments with Everyday Physio.



To book an appointment with the physiotherapists of Everyday Physiotherapy, please:



Phone: (07) 3390 1813 (Capalaba)

Phone: (07) 3847 3108 (Greenslopes)

Phone: (07) 3172 9170 (Underwood)


To find out more about Everyday Physiotherapy group, please visit: