Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate Addiction Service is only available at Top Health Doctors Underwood.

Please ring to make an appointment 07 3133 0822


At Top Health Doctors, we have doctors with a specialized interest in treating patients with Narcotic or Opiate addictions.

Some of our doctors have undergone training and they are approved by the Queensland Monitored Medicines Unit (MMU) to treat patients with Narcotic or Opiate addictions with Suboxone or Methadone.


There is a rampant narcotic / opiate addiction problem that is sweeping across multiple countries. Australia is not spared in this addiction crisis.


Many of the drug – related deaths in Australia, were due to prescription drug rather than the use of illicit drugs. People often underestimate the dangerous potential of prescription medication. Many think that because it is meant for medicinal use, that it is safe.



However, most addiction of illegal opioids start from a prescription that someone can no longer obtain from a doctor.

Please call Top Health Doctors at our Underwood branch on (07) 3133 0822, to enquire more, if you want help with Narcotic or Opiate addiction.

Please note this service is covered by Medicare, but there is a gap fee.

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Video 1 is an introductory video of Opiate Treatment from Top Health Doctors Group

Video 2 is a video from Sky News, explaining some of Opiate addiction issues in Australia

Video 3 explains briefly the Treatment of Opioid Addiction (From Healthcare Triage, USA)