Family and Children Health

Family Healthcare


When it comes to the healthcare of your family and your children, there should be no compromise on the quality and standard of care. Proper care, at different stages of life, safeguards good physical and mental health of your family.


Family care


Family care service provided by Top Health Doctors endeavor to promote the integrated well – being of your family members. This includes the physical, mental, emotional, social, behavioural and psychological care of your family. We can provide specific advice as well as general advice on how to raise a happy and healthy family.


Child care


Child care starts from conception and continues until adolescence. Childhood is a complex stage of life evolution through a few distinctive developmental milestones and many factors influence the healthy development of your child. At Top Health Doctors, we create an ambience in our centre to make your child feel comfortable under our care.

We work collaboratively with parents to offer your child opportunities for physical, intellectual and emotional development.


Regular immunisation, screening tests, early detection and timely intervention of illness and management of any injuries optimize the growth of your child. This maximizes the full innate potential of your developing child.


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