Dr Stephanie Azri

Dr Stephanie Azri

Relationship Therapist | Accredited Sexologist


Dr Stephanie Azri has extensive experience in many areas of individual, couple, and family based social work and therapy. Her genuine care and absolute passion to help her patients has been her driving force through extensive study and years and years of experience in multiple fields. This passion initially arose from tragic personal circumstances and has since grown as she has helped many improve their life circumstances, well being and happiness.


Dr Azri’s Experience


  • Twenty years’ experience managing frontline Health services in women’s health, mental health and clinical social work for government and non-government organisations.
  • Twenty years’ experience providing private practice services for women, couples and families as well as running resilience groups for kids.
  • Ten years’ experience as an editor for multiple academic journals, a blind reviewer and other writing responsibilities
  • Seven years’ experience working as an academic for multiple universities, including teaching, tutoring, and marking master’s level students.
  • Three years’ experience assisting AASW with applications for credentialing, articles etc.


Dr Azri’s Education


  • Advanced Diploma of Education
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Family welfare)
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Master of Health (Women’s health and Sexology)
  • PhD in Clinical Social Work (Women and Counselling)
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment
  • Multiple certificates with QLD Centre for Mental Health Learning, Mental Health Academy, Society of Australian Sexologists
  • Trained in CBT, DBT, interpersonal therapy, logotherapy, motivational interviewing, sexology, grief and loss, psychopathology, behavioural therapy, client-centred therapy, Mindfulness and family and couple counselling.
  • Gottman Level 1 accredited
  • EFT for Couples trained


Young Women’s Counselling


✔️ Difficulties at school/work

✔️ Relationship issues

✔️ Mental Health/Self esteem

✔️ Sexuality and boundaries

✔️ Home tension



Becoming a woman in today’s society can be quite traumatic. Between social media, body image, pressure to conform, and relationships with friends and boyfriends/girlfriends, amidst hormonal changes, young women have a lot to deal with.


Resilience building and life coaching for young women is one of the biggest investments a parent can offer their daughters. Things like discovering their true value, building their self-worth, identifying high-risk behaviours, and being able to make health choices is something that young women need today more than ever.


At times, it might be that young women feel alone and misunderstood. Whilst it is part of normal adolescence, having a trusted therapist they can trust will help young girls learn to communicate their thoughts and needs as the embark on one of the biggest journeys of the life. It can also help parents have peace of mind that their daughters are safe in managing their stressors.

Women’s Counselling Services


✔️ Pregnancy/Parenting

✔️ Relationship/Separation Issues

✔️ Mental Health

✔️ Sexuality

✔️ Career Development


Being a woman, whether a mother, a professional, a friend or a spouse can be hard at times.  Issues can impact on a woman’s wellbeing, and counselling can help you address any health issues, pregnancy, parenting or infertility concerns as well as relationship and sexuality questions.


Couple Therapy / Sexology


✔️ Communication Issues

✔️ Family Dynamics

✔️ Affairs and Relationship Repair Work

✔️ Sexual Difficulties

✔️ Mismatched Libido

✔️ Non-traditional relationship/sexuality


Relationship counselling, also called couple therapy, assists couples in understanding and addressing issues and conflicts in their relationship.


No matter where you are in your couple and/or family, if you want to improve your communication, dynamics, interactions and overall quality of life, give me a call and together, we’ll come up with a positive plan! As an accredited clinical sexologist, Dr Azri is LGBT and Kink friendly.


Post Separation Counselling


✔️ Enhance coping skills

✔️ Provide a reflective safe space

✔️ Support with personal and emotional growth post separation

✔️Assist with managing priorities and adjusting to new demands

✔️ Ensure parenting is nurtured through the trauma

✔️ Prepare for a new beginning once healing has occured


Most partners struggle after a break up. Partly because of the attachment injury, partly because of the loss of dreams, ideals, and future life, but also because there are often lots of collateral damage in a separation. Between breaking up a family, negotiating access to children, and managing new finances, a divorce takes a toll on a person.


This is even worse when the separation came out of the blue, wasn’t a mutual decision, and/or came with a betrayal of any kind. Post separation counselling can help with managing the grief, the emotions, the fears, and the practical complexities when going through a separation, because let’s be honest, without working out our baggage, it may be difficult to embrace our new beginning when it presents to us.


So if you’re ready to work through your separation in a healthy way, make an appointment with Dr Azri now.

Dr Azri is available for appointments at Top Health Doctors Underwood Clinic