Corporate COVID-19 Vaccination

Corporate ‘on-site’ COVID-19 Vaccinations available in Brisbane


Employees are the most valuable asset to a business.  Caring for your staff’s health and well being and  vaccinating your staff against Covid, will not only protect them, but protect your business against sick days, prolonged leave and consequently reduced productivity.


Top Health Doctors group can help and provide on site COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer / AstraZeneca) for your staff members. Give your staff efficient access to the covid vaccine and peace of mind.  It’s a simple and efficient way to protect your team and get back to business!



With federal and local government regulations and funding permitting, combined with an expected adequate stock of COVID-19 vaccination towards the end of 2021 / 2022, the opportunity to get your staff get vaccinated is here.



It’s in our sight! Vaccination will promote the pathway to Australia reopening our international border and travel that will promote regional and international exchange and business.




We would like to help our community achieve herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus with our vaccination effort. By doing so, it is hoped that our borders can re-open and our way of life can return to a sense of normality as we knew prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Protect your Team | Protect your Business. Arrange on-site covid vaccinations today

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