Telehealth Service







As Australia, like the rest of the world, is within a global viral pandemic, Top Health Doctors is here to help.


With our social distancing and social restriction, we offer Telehealth or Phone Consults. Bulk billing may be available and we ask if you please check with the clinic at the time of booking.


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The telehealth consultation


Our doctor will ask you to give consent prior to starting a Telehealth / Phone consultation. You may be asked to identify yourself through some personal information. Our doctor may also ask if it is appropriate time and place for you, before continuing the consulation.

As with many consultation a history will be taken, the doctor will keep notes, and may exchange information with specialists and test providers – e.g. referrals, test requests etc.


You may request to:

Collect documentation from the practice, or have an authorised person collect on your behalf

Have documents sent directly to the Pharmacy / Specialist / Pathology / Radiology provider



If you request documentation to be emailed to you; please be aware that email is not considered a secure method of transmitting health information. The information could be intercepted, forwarded or read by someone other than the intended recipient.

A request for documentation to be sent, or receipt of incoming email will imply the sender has consented to be contacted via email, unless otherwise specifically specified.

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Please see our Disclaimer in the FAQ page.