Pregnancy Care

You’re Pregnant!


Having a baby is one of the most exciting and wonderful times of your life. The joy and anticipation of a newborn fills us with so many emotions. We all want what is the best for our baby and ensuring they have quality and experienced care is so important.

There are various pathways you can take in the care of you, as the mother to be, and your precious baby. The choice needs to be the one that you feel most suits you and your family. Your GP at Top Health Doctors, is here to talk to you about your choices in your pregnancy care and can support you through the exciting journey.

It’s best to have your pregnancy confirmed by your doctor first and then you can look ahead to your care during the pregnancy (Antenatal care).


Antenatal care during your pregnancy


Appointments during your pregnancy are called your Antenatal appointments or antenatal care. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, it’s a good idea to plan your antenatal care as soon as possible. Ideally you can arrange to have your appointments scheduled for the term of your pregnancy, then you can feel prepared and ready for the adventure ahead.

Who will I be seeing at my antenatal appointments?


You usually see your GP first at Top Health Doctors before exploring other options.


Your choice will also depend on whether you’re planning to give birth at a public hospital. If so, it’s likely that you will also see a doctor or midwife at the hospital.


If you intend to have your baby at a private hospital, your appointments will most likely be with your obstetrician in their rooms.


Top Health Doctors antenatal care


The Doctors at Top Health clinics are experienced at caring for you during your pregnancy. It is a privilege to share this stage of your life and care for you and your baby. Due to our clinic’s family focus, most of the GPs at Top Health Doctors provide antenatal care and many of us are registered with GP Maternity Shared Care Alignment. This means that the Top Health Doctors GPs with a special interest in maternity care, have completed further education to provide Shared Care with Mater Mothers’ Hospital.


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Whether it be a part of this specific program or otherwise, our Doctors are passionate about ensuring you are well cared for and monitored during your pregnancy.



The importance of your antenatal appointments


Antenatal appointments will allow your baby to be monitored by a healthcare professional throughout your pregnancy. You can enjoy this wonderful time, knowing you are in safe hands. Even if your pregnancy is going well and you’re feeling good, it’s important for you to attend your appointments so that any potential risks can be identified and prevented, or reduced.


It’s also a great opportunity to ask any questions you have about your pregnancy such as what’s happening during each trimester, physical pregnancy symptoms and the birth itself. You may want to ask questions about caring for your baby after the birth too!


There are many ways our Doctors can provide you with support and advice for the safest and healthiest options for you and your baby. Help with lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking or avoiding drinking alcohol are areas which we are trained to assist you. We can also assist with mental health and dietary advice. You can discuss any problems you might be having at home or any circumstance, we are here for you. In other words, we would like to help and support you in any way you need to provide a healthy pregnancy.



What will happen during the appointments?


The antenatal care you get throughout your pregnancy depends on:

  • your health and any risks you or your baby may have
  • your stage of pregnancy
  • any problems you may be experiencing


There will be a number of checks, scans, tests and discussions, such as:

  • when the baby is due, what trimester you are in and what this means for you and your baby
  • finding out about your medical history, general health and how any previous pregnancies were
  • discussing any medication you are taking
  • ensuring you are up to date with cervical screening
  • making sure your mental health is OK, and supporting you if you have depression or anxiety
  • checking your blood pressure and weight and testing your urine
  • organising blood tests and screening
  • providing advice on healthy eating and lifestyle changes
  • feeling and measuring your tummy, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat
  • asking you about your home environment, work and what support you have. If you are experiencing family violence, this is a good opportunity for you to discuss it
  • checking about any physical symptoms that may be bothering you
  • talking about if something doesn’t go to plan during the birth
  • finding out about antenatal classes
  • advice about taking your baby home, feeding them and other care

Can my partner come along too?


Yes, of course. It’s a good idea for your birth support partner, family member or friend to come to your appointments with you, particularly when discussing your birth plan and if you want them to support you during the birth.


This is such an exciting time in your life. We would love to care for you and your baby.


ALL our caring GP’s at Top Health Doctors are able to provide antenatal care.


However below is the list of the Doctors who are aligned with the Shared Care of Mater Mothers’ Hospital Pregnancy Care:

Cannon Hill ClinicDr Jennifer An, Dr Kuan-Yi Chen, Dr Kavitha Vedharathnam

Capalaba ClinicDr Sushil Kramer

Greenslopes ClinicDr Karen Chai, Dr Maria Baker-Mott, Dr Wayne Shipley

Underwood ClinicDr Jack Ku, Dr Pummi Roy, Dr Remi Roy, Dr Nitin Tandon

West End ClinicDr Richardy Hostiadi, Dr Naomi Moss, Dr Fara Wilson


Gap fees may apply for some specialised services at Top Health Doctors clinics

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